2016- Finding the words…

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This year was absolutely crazy. We have had over double the performances for our original production, “The Fortune Teller,” and probably quadruple the opera parties. We are getting to do what we love, and we are spreading the culture of opera in the spirit it’s suppose to be experienced in. Opera isn’t suppose to be this black and white thing…. it’s not suppose to be two different worlds that is the audience and the performers.┬áThe performers and audience should entertain and give energy to one another interchangeably…and equally.

The summer would not have been successful without our friends and family. Among those friends and family are our sponsors, who believe in what we do and have been with us since the beginning:

Treasure Valley Children’s Theater- thank you for giving us a rehearsal space among many other countless resources. We love working with you, and we love having a home base in our hometown that we can go to for whatever. We can never repay that.

Armgasys- Dave and Shavonna you knew us before we were even officially Opera Elect. We love spending time with you, and you make us feel like people as opposed to entertainers. The support you have given us has propelled us to do all these wonderful things and to spread the fun that is the opera culture. We will never forget you and we can’t wait until we can somehow meld our art forms together to create something ridiculously awesome.

The Geiser Grand Hotel- We started performing there last summer, and Barbara and the Baker City community has become some of our best friends. It’s nice to show up somewhere and feel accepted, and appreciated. Not a lot of places do that, and to be able to come back here time and time again and receive the same treatment sends butterflies to our souls. We still have a few more performances there this summer, and we’re going to be excited (and sad) when those are finished for the year.

The College of Idaho- Thank you CofI. For the wonderful memories of the college experience, and for continuing to help us even after our 4 years. We would have never met one another to be able to start Opera Elect without you, and we hope to work with the CofI community for years to come for a myriad of projects. We love you.

Thanks everyone, and stay tuned for more Opera Elect events to come. Zach is going back to school to finish up his master’s at The University of Washington, and Jordan is planning on signing up for grad school this year. We aren’t sure what the future holds yet, but we know the past has given us the memories and experience to propel us forward to do whatever we set our minds towards. As always, if you’re looking to get involved or wish to host us for some event. Get in touch with us, and we would love to share what we have worked so hard on developing….our love of opera.

Zach & Jordan