Jordan’s Performance Resume– Jordan Michelle Bowman embraces the beauty in music, art, and love at the influence of her Idaho Bohemian revolution revivalist family. Her innate and insatiable desire to perform were driven from youth, one grandfather sharing Sondheim’s Into the Woods and Mozart’s The Magic Flute, another grandfather accompanying her “America, the Beautiful” debut at four years of age, to the delight of a 4th of July fair celebration.

Jordan has studied many vocal genres and performed with vocal ensembles and in many theatre productions throughout her academic years. One of her projects included creating and becoming the lead singer of her own heavy metal band, Hexeva. However, at 17, opera trumped her pursuit of finding the girth of James Hetfield within herself.

This life change solidified when she attended the opera Don Pasquale, by Donizetti. The soprano flashed some coloratura and Jordan’s heart was claimed. Opera had become her one true love.

Jordan enrolled at The College of Idaho and gained a music education under Dr. Mari Jo Tynon and Dr. Brent Wells. In those four years she starred as Olympia in The Tales of Hoffmann, Semele in Semele, Lucy in The Telephone, and The Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute. She performed in all of the college’s choirs, one of which sang under the direction of Eric Whitacre at Carnegie Hall. She also gave many solo performances with the college’s orchestra, Sinfonia, and The Sawtooth Cello Choir.

Bowman took behind-the-scenes roles as well in her college career. She found she loved fundraising, producing, and stage directing. All of which she did for Semele and The Magic Flute.

Jordan’s performances have one thing in common: the pursuit of an intimate connection with the audience. She believes that music gives the listener a chance to experience powerful emotions that they wouldn’t in everyday life. Jordan’s goal with Opera Elect is to bring this musical connection through the voice of opera to people of all ages and interests.