_ALX1205-XLA long time ago, in a city far, far away (…Boise?), a descendant of the famed and mighty Buker clan was born. That boy was Zachary, the most exalted of the Bukers. His mischief and pranks were well-known throughout the land, often misplacing the items of the great choral director Dr. Brent Wells and The College of Idaho’s chamber choir. His story starts here.

All kidding aside, Zach has been a product of determination and an indomitable work ethic. After deciding a career in engineering wasn’t going to do it for him he decided to pursue vocal performance at The College of Idaho.

Zach began his singing endeavor because of Heather Prinzing; a well known high school conductor in the Boise area. He has studied with Dr. Mari Jo Tynon and Dr. Brent Wells and has been cultivating his vocal prowess ever since.

Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a savvy business sense he has been the lead on several projects. This includes several choir camps for kids, tennis clinics, and the creation of the new company Opera Elect. His goal with the company is to showcase up-and-coming local talent and to further improve his performance and marketing know-how.

Zach’s skills go beyond the realm of singing with plenty of years of piano under his belt, as well as conducting experience. He conducted a piece for The College of Idaho’s Chorale choir and was the children’s choir director for The United Methodist Church in Meridian. He is now attending graduate school at the University of Washington for Opera Performance.