Whether you want us to perform for your private party, or having us perform our big summer show for you, we can do it all! We are set up to perform in large performance spaces as well as smaller, more intimate ones. Below are just a few types of performances we can do for your event:

1. Opera Party- We perform for you and your guests the favorite classical numbers. We typically interact with guests during this show, and make it fun and entertaining! This works best for private dinner type environments, restaurants, bars and smaller venues. We typically provide our own accompaniment with “backing tracks” as to not take up valuable table/floor space with a piano. However, live accompaniment can be arranged!

2. Our Summer Show- Allow us to wow you with an original show this summer! We tour all over the Northwest and would be happy to bring it to you or your venue!

3. Collaborations- Do you want to see opera combined with something else? We probably do too! From acrobatic pole art to pop renditions we do it all. We take the time to set up a creative, and artistically blended version of the collaboration. It becomes a new and invigorating experience that will be sure to keep your audience members entertained!

Rates vary depending on the time involved as well as particular situations. Please contact us at hello@operaelect.org .