Summer Tour, 2016-The Fortune Teller by Jordan and Madelein Bowman.

Ludmilla Lyudbotchka/Tammy-Madelein Bowman, mezzo-soprano

Helen-Jordan Bowman, soprano

Marcus-Zachary Buker, tenor

Stage Director-Edith Dull

Stage Manager & Scene Design-Kait Newberry

The Fortune Teller features a young couple, Marcus, and his pregnant wife, Helen. As Helen nears the end of her term, they both become very worried about what kind of parents they will be to their child. Tammy, Helen’s high-strung friend, suggests that they visit a fortune teller. After a brief enigmatic session with Ludmilla Lyudbotchka, Helen leaves with more questions than answers. As the story continues, she eventually gets her answers through hilarity, tears, and quite a bit of opera.


Summer Tour 2015-Tomorrow, Tomorrow by Joseph Greene and E.H. Nary

Alex-Zachary Buker, baritone

Jillian-Jordan Bowman, soprano

Stage Director-Edith Dull

Stage Manager & Scenic Design-Kait Newberry

Assistant Stage Manager-Rose Hanson